Waste Management & Transport Management

eReserve as Waste Management Platform (Resource Management System / Front Office system) and eOrganizer as Back Offices system

- possibility manage all kind of transport resources (cars, boats, personal, tools, devices, business processes etc)

- User messages through the system for all parts of network (and for subcontractors)

- Resource owner can be subcontractor, other owner, partner etc

- Information about upcoming bookings and maintenance on a shared calendar

- Quick post-use checks on the smartphone, possibility upload photos to the system

- Customizable variation platforms for various routines for various work routines and work process inspections and various maintenance routine templates


Demo Software:

eReserve (Transport, Logistics for Waste Management)

eOrganizer (Transport, Logistics for Waste Management)


Potential usage:

1. Waste Management (eReserve for Front Office); (eOrganizer for Back Office)


Look at case studies & examples in gallery (pictures)


Now has been launched new reservation system with logistic management system.

Look at pictures here

2. Reservation system with Calendar

Look at pictures here

eReserve Features:

1) Back-end: content management, user management, resource management


Manager can add workers and various tasks. After that worker can read tasks.


Potential use:


- transport management

- sub-contractor management


2) Front-end: calendar, resource presentations


Worker or sub-contractor can read tasks and look various information per project.


3) Language versions: Finnish, English


Look at pictures in gallery here


Demo instance here


Please order passwords, emeetings, eclassrooms, consults and educator with our eCalendar


By using eReserve you can order various resources.