Organizer for Transport

Transport control and management system, which includes file sharing and driving calendars ...

Organizer for transport application has many advantages:

By using eOrganizer coordinator can make an appointment for the customer and expert services, as well as the salesperson. You can also add eMeeting platforms and web-conference platforms (eClassrooms) etc.

1. Customers will login to the system with password.

2. The drivers can see transport orders by mobile (internet connected devices).

3. Transport Coordinator can coordinate transportations or let the service system to share.

4. The system calculates the hours and costs etc.

5. If necessary, the contract the driver can see an Internet link on the map and link will point the location.

7. User can make searches as follow: status, reference, type, location, address, time, supplier etc.

8. Add pictures and other documents. Search documents. Manage your teams and your subcontractor teams.

Coordinator, client and driver can see the status for job:

1. driving started,

2. driving under work or

3. driving is ready or failed

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Transport management; Post delivery system


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