eTentti 3.0

eTentti 3.0 Features:

eExam 3.0 with mathematics module

Version 3.0 is now available.

1) You can create the tests (Question serie editor for creating multiple questions, essay questions, picture questions, mathematic questions, link manager for system outside software - "your own web-based software"). There is also available answer module for students, picture bank and internet link manager, statistics and much more

2) You can use the testing system with linking outside archive of visual material evaluation. (phase: evaluation with by linking outside source of audio files or outside source of video files (video viewer) if you have agreements and immaterial rights for media files.

3) Document Management Test (Search for results from the database). Multiple language versions.

eTest 3.0 application is newer than eTest2 .0, but the same features and much more.

You can control links, create picture questions, multiple choice questions and essay question with picture. Statistics also are possible, allowing you to transfer data to Excel as csv.

Locales: Finnish, Swedish, English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Arabic Version 2.0 guidance; Try open a series of questions about this



* HTML knowledge is not required
* Multilingual, 4 different languages created in the user interface
* Content can be produced quickly with author tools. The question of the series can create a non-technical staff;
* You can use software via internet -server.
* Software tool supports multiple file types
* User management
* Remote Test platform eTentti as part of product family will ensure a successful experiece.